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Where to stay in Izola Slovenia
Apartment Izola

Beautiful Izola

Are you looking for affordable and nice apartment in Izola, the seaside of Slovenia?

Look no further, we can offer you at least two appartments, that are still available in summer 2016:

Presernov apartment Jagodje apartment
apartma izola presernova 007 apartma izola jagodje 002

- 60 eur/night (all cost included)

- 4 beds

- pets allowed

- big terrace

- parking

- wifi / TV

- more info

- 65 eur/night (no additional fees)

- 4 beds

- balcon

- public parking

- cable TV

- aircondition

- more info

Apartment rental in Izola

Holiday in Izola ......

Spend your holiday in beautiful Izola on the Slovenian coast. Take a cycling trip and explore the inside of Slovenian Istria, enjoy good food and have a glas of best wine, spend the day bathing in the boat or just enjoy the sun on your piece of beach. We are trying to post the most interesting events in the city, our last minute offers of the apartment and some photos for our memory...

Make your holidays special...

the fog in Izola

This is how it looks when a fog comes around. On sea everything is quiet and spooky. We were just about to catch a swordfish, but did not, so we get a frosen losos from Spar...

Rent a boat in Izola

Izola sunset moments...

Again our yacht took us on a coast seeing tour, warm and fishy...    

Izola in those days...

Fresh pictures of and from Izola...

Izola a view from the boat, jellyfishes all around, seashels with a deilghtful light from sunset... You must take a picture, dont you think? 


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